elle photos {celebrate life}

about me

Just to get to know me. . . . . my name is Linda Mattson, the "L" in elle photos. Mom to 3 fabulous kids that are getting ready to fly the coop with my sarcastic husband Tim and two loveable dogs, Kona & Mac. I love to laugh along with my family {especially late at night} till my belly hurts, and know that each one of them will keep me "on my toes” at all times, and I would never have it another way.

I live to think creatively. I write {but I’m not great at grammar, so please don't judge me}. I dance {even if it’s only when I’m alone}. I sing along with my favorite music {although I cannot carry a tune, but I will never let that stop me}. Every day I learn to love myself for who I am {rather than who I'm not} along with every imperfection that I have because it makes me. . . . me.

My style: Lifestyle photography. I like to get creative and personalize each session to match your individual style. I believe that everyone should capture their own personality, style and do what they love. I look for the emotion in the moments while working along with nature’s elements and natural lighting. That is why I only shoot on location, your location of choice.

My favorite part of photography is getting to meet and know people, their families and seeing people love, laugh and have fun {life is too short not to}.

My inspiration: Annie Leibovitz. I love the way Annie would see people and uniquely capture their image. I strive to put that into my work, getting to know each person and capture something exceptional about them to get a unique picture every time.

Remember the moment and {celebrate life}, your fabulous life.